History of the Cincinnati Children's Alumni Association

The Alumni Association was founded in 2013 after a group of approximately 20 alumni gathered to discuss communication needs for emeritus staff and other departed alumni. After many meetings, the decision was made to form an Alumni Association to help connect all Cincinnati Children's Alumni to each other and to the hospital.

The Alumni Association board has defined alumni as "past trainees and current and past members of the medical staff and faculty." Currently, there are over 6,400 members captured in our alumni database with many more to add.

Since its inception, the Alumni Association has grown to encompass more than just reunions and social events. We aim to provide alumni with resources allowing them to network with alumni around the globe, collaborate through TeleHealth or research, provide access to continuing medical education and much more.

The Alumni Association aims to appreciate the history of our organization and the people who have walked through our doors, as well as where these people have gone and the accomplishments they have made.