Cincinnati Children's Alumni Association Bylaws

Article I- Name

The name of this association shall be Cincinnati Children’s Alumni Association

Article II- Purpose

The purpose of the Cincinnati Children’s Alumni Association shall be to:

  • aid and support the mission of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • foster the ongoing relationship between members of the Alumni Association and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center
  • promote continuing education and encourage mentorship

Article III- Membership

Section 1: Membership

Any person who was a resident, fellow, faculty, or member of the medical staff of CCHMC is considered a member.

Section 2: Benefits of Membership

  • Updates on Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center activities
  • Invitations to social and educational events
  • Inclusion in Alumni Association official communications
  • Opportunity to volunteer time, talent, and resources to support Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center mission and the surrounding community
  • Access to exclusive social media

Section 3: Removal of Membership

A member shall self-elect to be removed from the Alumni Association by any means of communication, such as verbal, written, or electronic request.

Article IV- Governing Board

Section 1: Composition of the Board

The Board shall consist of approximately 20 individuals, including the Executive Committee Members, and General Members representing the following suggested categories:

  • Executive Committee Members
    • Board Chair
    • Vice Chair
    • Past Chair
    • Program Chair
    • Communications Chair
  • General Members
    • resident alumni
    • fellow alumni
    • current faculty
    • past faculty
    • member of the medical staff
    • current resident
    • current fellow
    • representative from the 25- 39 age range
    • representative from the 40-55 age range
    • representative from the 56 + age range
    • Up to 3 representatives from the 10 AAP Districts or Chapters
      • See map of districts (Appendix 1)
      • As more chapters are formed, representation on the General Board will be considered
    • representative with a PhD designation
    • representative from the MEC History Committee

Section 2: Term of office of Board Members

Members of the Governing Board will serve three year terms with the potential for being reappointed for two subsequent terms. If they are an officer of the Board, their term may extend past this limit. At the end of the Member’s term, they may be reappointed to the Board after a 1 year hiatus.

Section 3: Quorum

A Quorum of the Governing Board is achieved by the presence of at least 50% of the Members. Members may attend in person or electronically. A super majority (2/3 of the members present) affirmative vote is required for any bylaw changes.

Section 4: Duties

The Alumni Governing Board shall exercise general supervision over the affairs for the Alumni Association and may consider and take action upon any business presented.

Section 5: Minutes

The minutes of each meeting, including the financial report, shall be given to members of the Alumni Board by the staff liaison. The minutes will be approved by the Board and signed off by the Chair of the Board.

Section 6: Attendance

Less than 50% attendance at quarterly Board meetings may be cause for removal as an officer or board member, subject to action of the Board.

Article V- Appointment of Officers and Members of the Governing Board

Section 1: Appointment of Officers and Board Members

  1. With input from Board Members, the Governance Committee will act as the nominating committee and will make appointment recommendations subject to approval by the Board.
  2. Vacancies- Vacancy of an Officer or Board member shall be filled by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Governingi Board present. Any Officer so elected shall serve for the remainder of the unexpired term of the vacant office.

Section 2: Officers and Duties

The Officers and their duties shall be those usually performed by such officers as prescribed in Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised.

  1. Board Chair- The Board Chair shall preside at all meetings of the members and the Board, and performs generally all the duties usually performed by Chairs of like associations, and such other and further duties as shall from time to time be necessary.
  2. Vice Chair- The Vice Chair shall automatically succeed to the office of Board Chair and perform all the duties of Chair in case of absence, death or disability of the latter and any duties assigned by the Chair or the Alumni Board.
  3. Past Chair- the Past Chair shall act in an advisory capacity, Chair the Governance Committee, and carry out such duties as requested by the Board Chair or the Board. 
  4. Communications Chair- the Communications Chair shall maintain the social media presence, work with the staff liaison on communication efforts to the alumni community and shall attend the Staff Bulletin meetings.
  5. Program Chair- the Program Chair shall determine and organize all programs in conjunction with the Cincinnati Children’s staff liaison.

Section 3: Term of Office

The Officers shall take office at the annual meeting of the Alumni Board and shall serve a term of two years, with the option to be elected for two additional term, or until successors are duly elected. No person shall serve in a specific office for more than three consecutive 2-year terms. Exceptions may be granted by the Board.

Section 5: Compensation

No officer shall receive financial compensation for services as such.

Section 6: Removal

Any Governing Board officer may be removed from office by the affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of all the Board members present, or by proxy, at any regular or special meeting called for that purpose. Any officer proposed to be removed shall be entitled to at least five days’ notice in writing by mail of the meeting of the Alumni Board at which such removal is to be voted upon and shall be entitled to appear before and be heard by the Alumni Board at such meeting.

Article VI- Standing Committees

Executive Committee - Chaired by the Board Chair and consists of the Board Chair, Vice Chair, Past Chair, Communications Chair, and Program Chair. The Executive Committee, at the approval of the Governing Board, may have the delegated authority to make decisions on specific issues.

Governance/Membership Committee - Chaired by the Past Chair

Program Committee - Chaired by the Program Chair

Communications Committee - Chaired by the Communications Chair

History Committee - Chaired by the Medical Executive Committee’s Historian

The Board Chair, with the approval of the Executive Committee, shall appoint Committee Chairs for each Standing Committee. Committee Chairs will find members for his/her respective committee. Committee members do not need to be a member of the Board.

Article VII- Staff Liaison

The Physician Services Department of Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center shall provide a staff liaison for the Alumni Association. The staff liaison will report on the Alumni Associations’ fundraising efforts and maintain an account of funds related to the Alumni Association. The staff liaison will take meeting minutes at the quarterly meetings.

Article VIII- Meetings

The Governing Board shall meet quarterly.

Article IX- Chapters

The Governing Board shall encourage the establishment of chapter organizations in appropriate geographical areas or by specialty for the purpose of promoting closer ties among alumni and between alumni and the hospital. Specific alumni groups may form a chapter by establishing an annual meeting and identifying officers or leaders. The Chair of the Board should be notified in advance of such intention. The proposed chapter leader shall be responsible for presenting the petition to the Board for consideration at its next regularly scheduled meeting and may be asked to serve as as General Member of the Board.

Article X- Amendments, changes, and revisions to bylaws

The Board shall have the power to make, revise, amend, and repeal these Bylaws by an affirmative vote of two-thirds of all Governing Board Members. Voting can be in person or electronically. The bylaws shall be reviewed every three years.

Article XI- Dissolution of the Cincinnati Children’s Alumni Association

A recommendation for dissolution of the Alumni Association, adopted by two-thirds of all Board Members.

Article XII- Parliamentary Authority

Robert’s Rule of Order Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority


AAP Districts

appendix 1 - map

appendix 1 - table

Approved October 5, 2018